Fire prevention week urges 'Smarts'

WINDER - Barrow County firefighters will tip their hats to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 - and to fire safety in general - with a Fire Prevention Week themed "Stay Fire Smart: Don't Get Burned" beginning today.

This year, firefighters have narrowed their focus to two major causes of home fires: cooking and electrical. They'll focus on time-tested warnings such as "Never leave cooking food unattended" and "Never carry a child while cooking."

They join thousands of departments across the county in commemorating the annual October ode to the Chicago disaster that killed 250 and left 100,000 homeless, said Barrow County Emergency Services spokesman Lt. Scott Dakin.

"One of the responsibilities of every firefighter is to help prevent fires," Dakin said. "During this week, we want (citizens) to focus on keeping their homes fire safe and preventing themselves or their family members and friends from being burned."

The commemorative week ends Oct. 10, Dakin said.