American Cancer Society raises $135K at Crusader's Ball

DULUTH -- The number 35 has been a good number for the American Cancer Society this year.

It's the number of years the Crusader's Ball Against Cancer just celebrated and it's the number of thousands of dollars raised above $100,000 during the annual event.

"We're thrilled," said Adrienne Rissley, income manager with the American Cancer Society said of the $135,000 raised. "Given the down economy, we are just so thrilled that our supporters are still out there and committed to the fight against cancer."

This year's event included a new twist, with a couple of spins and turns. Borrowing on the popularity of "Dancing with the Stars," the reality television show that pairs celebrities with professional dance partners in a competition for bragging rights, the American Cancer Society held its own dance-off featuring local stars Nov. 14.

Kelly Greer, publisher of Gwinnett Magazine, Caryn McGarity, 11Alive News Meteorologist Chesley McNeil and colon cancer survivor Mark Waters were the first four stars who competed in what the ACS plans to make an ongoing theme for the Crusader's Ball.

McNeil took home the prize for top dancer.