McCULLOUGH: Compassion won't win war on terror

Our current government's response to the holy war declared on us by radical Muslims both worldwide and right here in our own country is a joke.

Why don't we just go ahead and give up? They want to bow down to them anyway. Let's put the moon and star on our flag. Disband the government and get some sheiks or imams or potentates or whatever to make our laws and tell us what to do. Women, get your burkhas ready.

I'm so sick of hearing about these people and their demands on us. I'm just as sick of silly, irrational, illogical, bleeding hearts who want to show them fairness and sensitivity. What an incredible joke. The terrorists must laugh themselves silly while they're strapping bombs to teenagers and sharpening the blades of their beheading swords.

I've really reached the end of my rope with this. I am strong believer in freedom of religion, but where are Islam's peaceful defenders? We hear plenty from the crazies. Where are the vocal, peace-loving Muslims in this country? Are they too comfortable to speak out? Certainly they're not afraid of being executed like the brave protesters in Iran?

You know what I'd like to see? A group of Muslims marching down our streets protesting the terrorists, calling for their capture. Or how about in the Middle East? How about some of these peace-lovers banning together against the flag-burning, gun-waving, mask-wearing cowards? I mean, it's just a small group, right? If it's just a handful, if the rest are just good, Allah-fearing folk, then rounding up the bad guys shouldn't be so hard.

But the truth is, it's not a small group. It's a huge group. And the ones who don't sympathize are afraid and that enables this to go on.

When I was a kid, they hijacked planes and we did nothing. Then they took our embassy and we did nothing. Then they blew up a plane over Scotland. When the guy who did it got sick from cancer, the world very compassionately let him go home to die.

They kill people over cartoons. They behead people on television. They blow people up. They shoot up Army bases. And how do we repay them? We give them a fair trial and a platform to spew their propaganda mere feet from the site of their most heinous crime.

Why can't we be honest in this country anymore? Why can't we be tough? Why can't we put ultimatums to them instead of the other way around?

And it's not just about liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. Do you think FDR or JFK would have danced around the truth about the Fort Hood major? No, they would have called it a terrorist attack. Did you hear Roosevelt calling for compassion after Pearl Harbor? Can you imagine JFK calling up the Kremlin and saying, "Hey, uh, we were just wondering, if it's not too much trouble or anything, if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe move some of those nukes you put in Cuba? We really respect your choice of communism and we don't want to offend you or anything, but those missiles kinda make us nervous. But if you can't, hey, no problem. We'll just move Florida."

It wouldn't have happened because people in this country used to believe in our sovereignty and our freedom. Now the cardinal rule is "Offend nobody." And I guess we'll just keep on being sensitive until they take us over or kill us all.

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