QB Greene passes torch to McCoy

David Greene

David Greene

Happy as a retired NFL player and successful in private business, David Greene rarely thinks of his playing days. A busy schedule and a baby make sure of that.

But the 27-year-old can't help it when his name gets back in the headlines like last Saturday, when Texas quarterback Colt McCoy won his 43rd game and broke Greene's record for most NCAA wins by a starting quarterback. The South Gwinnett grad won 42 games with Georgia from 2001-2004, prompting his name to be brought up regularly in print and on TV when McCoy topped his feat. Most of the fanfare has rightfully been on McCoy's end, including some congratulations from the previous record-holder, who called the Texas star last Sunday.

"When I broke Peyton's (Manning) record, Peyton called me," Greene said of passing the former Tennessee legend. "I thought that was really classy, so I thought, I'm going to pass the torch as well. ... He's an awesome kid. Nobody wants their record broken, but if anybody was going to break it, I'm glad it was him. I was impressed by him. He's a very humble kid. He's very gracious for everything that's happened for him."

The two had never spoken before, but their first conversation went smoothly. Greene said McCoy got really interested with an offer of Georgia quail hunting, and the Longhorn senior talked about his family members in Marietta who are die-hard Bulldog fans. They also talked football, not surprisingly for two QBs who have combined to win 85 games.

"What Peyton told me and what I told Colt was, fair or not, quarterbacks get judged on whether you win the game or not," Greene said. "And really all three of us were in the right place at the right time. We were blessed to be in a good situation. In team sports, you're really only as good as the guys around you."

One day McCoy may pass the torch with a call to another QB, but it doesn't look too likely. He can push the record up to 46 or 47 wins, a record Greene feels is untouchable.

Greene may be receiving a call himself, though. South junior Kent Rollins broke the school's single-season passing record this season and should have a legitimate shot at Greene's high school career record next season.

"They're all crumbling, they're dropping like flies," Greene joked of his records. "But (Rollins) is a good player. I've been impressed watching him the way he can run and throw."

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