Wesleyan lines up to get H1N1 vaccine

NORCROSS -- Hundreds of students at Wesleyan School lined up Friday to receive a vaccination for the H1N1 virus, commonly called the swine flu.

About 600 people, mostly students, registered to receive the vaccination, available either as a shot or nasal spray, said Mary Gossett, Wesleyan's health services department chair. Some faculty members and parents also signed up.

The vaccinations were administered on campus by nurses from Flu Busters, a national provider of preventative health and wellness services. A $21 administrative charge from Flu Busters for the vaccine could be reimbursed by health insurance, Gossett said.

"We're really hoping to see a healthier student population and less absenteeism," Gossett said.

Wesleyan School, a private Christian school in Norcross, did not mandate that students receive the vaccination, but about 100 people signed up in the first hour after registration opened Nov. 13, Gossett said. Registration closed Thursday.

Gossett said she heard about Flu Busters at a conference she attended a couple months ago and placed Wesleyan on a waiting list for their services. She got a call Nov. 12 that Wesleyan would be the first school the organization visited.

"It was a very good opportunity for us to bring this here," she said.

Gossett said she hopes to be able to offer another H1N1 vaccination clinic at the school soon.

Earlier this month, the school offered seasonal flu vaccination, which about 130 people received, Gossett said.