LETTERS: Obama doesn't need more time to show us his vision of America

Who knew? After appointing more than 50 czars to positions of non-responsibility, President Barack Obama added another right here in Gwinnett County while we slept. We now have the Whine Czar, George Morin.

His latest letter to the editor implores us to give Obama more of a chance. After all, he's only had one year to remake this horrible country into his socialist image. I have responded to Mr. Morin's letters twice in the past and asked very politely if the next time he wrote, would he kindly list the Obama policies that have best helped our citizenry. But no, Morin just keeps on pontificating.

Therefore, I will try to assist him.

• The $787 stimulus bill was passed after Obama stated that it was absolutely necessary to keep unemployment at or below 8 percent. It is now 10.2 percent and rising.

• The U.S. Constitution states that secured creditors have first recourse at assets of a company filing for bankruptcy. Hello GMC secured creditors. Go to the back of the line while the government takes over.

• The U.S. Constitution nowhere provides for the federal government to determine the salaries of privately owned corporations. Move over constitution.

• The new health care bill being proposed will send all of us who do not wish to purchase government approved health care to prison. Move over constitution.

I don't have the room to go on, but if this poor excuse for a president is given another year, imagine where we will be. The good news, Mr. Morin, is that you may continue with your drivel without any more rebuttals from me. It's just not fun any more.

— Bob Thomas