County expects 30 more layoffs in '09

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Nearly 30 more jobs could go based on moves made by the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday.

The board approved a contract to outsource tax assessments of commercial properties. The contract, a negotiated $1.265 million each year, is expected to represent a $310,000 cost savings for personnel services.

After the department undergoes restructuring, Human Resources Director Kenneth Poe said 23 staffers are expected to be laid off.

Commissioners will consider other outsourcing contracts that would also cut staff, he said.

So far this year, the county has laid off 30 employees, and Poe said 30 more are expected by the end of the year.

Also on Tuesday, commissioners approved an offer of retirement incentives in the county district attorney and tax commissioner offices. Poe said three people in each department are expected to take the incentives, which were offered earlier this year to employees whose departments report to the county adminsitrator's office.

Other elected officials were given the option to offer incentives to cut staff and reduce costs. While the sheriff and Superior and State Court officials declined the offer, the district attorney and tax commissioner joined the probate court, juvenile court and solicitor's office in using the incentives.

Poe said his office is projecting about 221 retirements will occur by the end of this year due to the incentives.