Calling all Suwanee shutterbugs

SUWANEE -- For all you Suwanee shutterbugs who may have snapped something picturesque within the city limits, now's your chance to have your work enjoyed by everyone.

The Snap Suwanee contest is a year-round event, but entries for the 2010 Snap Suwanee exhibit, displayed at City Hall for most of the year, must be received by Dec. 31.

City spokeswoman Lynne DeWilde said the competition is open to amateur and professional photographers, who can submit up to five photos each.

Approximately a dozen photos will be selected to adorn the walls of Suwanee City Hall. Last year, she said, 49 photographers submitted more than 130 snapshots, which will remain on display until the 2010 winners are selected.

DeWilde said pictures should be taken within the city limits, preferably within the last two years, and will ideally be taken at "identifiable Suwanee locations and convey a sense of the community."

High-resolution digital photos are preferred and can be e-mailed to snapsuwanee@suwanee.com.

All entries must be accompanied by an application, which can be downloaded by visiting www.suwanee.com and clicking on the "What's New/Events" tab.