Over the 'Moon:' 'Twilight Saga' fans turn out for cast tour stop

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

BUFORD -- Twihards, fanpires, twilighters, these are words coined to describe people like Lawrenceville teens Skylar and Avery Arriagada.

That goes for all of the 500 fans of "The Twilight Saga" who waited in line Thursday night to have posters signed by two of the stars in the film "New Moon," the second in the four-film series based on the young adult books by author Stephenie Meyer that will be released Nov. 20.

Skylar and Avery Arriagada's mom, Lawrenceville resident Shauna Arriagada, was reading "Twilight," the first book in Meyer's series, while she was waiting for the signing.

"My daughters have been waiting for 'New Moon' to come out, and thought it would inspire them to start reading as well," she said.

The trio arrived at the mall about 2:30 p.m. to snag their places in line and were some of the first fans to be ushered into Hot Topic, where Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campbell Bower sat behind a table with silver Sharpies ready to autograph posters and greet their adoring fans.

Bower, who plays the vampire Caius in "New Moon," noticed Skylar and Avery are twins and pointed it out to Gathegi, who reprises his role as vampire Laurent in the second installment following the first, "Twilight."

The twins gushed outside the store about how hot the two actors were before heading outside the mall, where even more fans were clustered close to the stage in the mall village for a public Q&A with the actors.

Flowery Branch resident Rosemary Bennett, 16, was the first person in line for the signing and had previously met five of "The Twilight Saga" cast members before adding two more to that count Thursday.

"My goal is to meet the whole cast," she said. "It would be awesome."

Even more awesome, once questions were opened up to a few of the fans in attendance during the Q&A, Gathegi was kind enough to fill Bennett's special request: she wanted a hug from the British actor.

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