WORLD IN BRIEF: Medvedev: Arms control deal with US can be reached

Medvedev: Arms control deal with US can be reached

MOSCOW -- Russia and the United States have a good chance of reaching a new nuclear arms reduction deal before year's end, but other nuclear powers must join disarmament efforts, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in remarks released Saturday.

Medvedev also told Germany's Der Spiegel magazine he has been working well with his predecessor Vladimir Putin, and predictions of a rift between him and Putin -- widely seen as pulling the strings in Russia -- are overblown. The Kremlin released a transcript of the comments.

Ministry: NATO strike kills Afghan forces

KABUL -- U.S. and Afghan authorities investigated Saturday whether a botched NATO airstrike was to blame for the death of Afghan soldiers and police during a search for two American paratroopers missing in a Taliban-infested area of the country's west.

The probe into a possible friendly fire incident further aggravates already strained relations between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the international community, which holds his enfeebled government partly responsible for rising instability.

Dominoes form giant tribute to Berlin Wall's fall

BERLIN -- Massive colorful dominoes painted by German students were placed Saturday along the former path of the Berlin Wall to mark the 20th anniversary of the opening of the barrier that divided the city for nearly three decades.

Many of the upright 7.5-foot-high plastic foam dominoes carried messages, including ''We are one people.'' The approximately 1,000 dominoes stretching for 1 mile will be toppled Monday as part of wider celebrations of the wall's fall.

Iran, N. Korea top Clinton's overseas issues

WASHINGTON -- Nuclear impasses with Iran and North Korea are the dominant issues for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on her trip to Europe and Asia, which begins with a stopover in Germany to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall.

Developments in both stalemates are expected in the coming days.