The Wiggles want kids to go wild at Sunday show

DULUTH -- A is for animals. B is for bananas.

And W is for The Wiggles, the Australian children's entertainers who will go wild at the Gwinnett Center on Sunday during their new, live show.

The Wiggles will perform songs off their 2009 album release, "The Wiggles Go Bananas" on which monkeys, birds, a bear, even a camel run amok.

"A lot of the songs have actions that we want the children to follow," said Red Wiggle Murray Cook, one of the group's founding members. "We know as teachers that modeling behavior is really powerful."

So is interaction.

"We like to get the children as involved in the show as possible," Cook said.

Kids might want to bring along a toy guitar or practice on an imaginary, air guitar, as red Wiggle Murray will invite the audience to strum along to his favorite song -- "Play Your Guitar with Murray."

Kids can also expect acrobatics -- tumbling and somersaults -- during the show, courtesy of Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt.

"It's a really fun part of the show that gives the audience something a bit extra to watch," Cook said. "It is quite joyous and it is great fun."