Recounts don't change election outcomes

SUGAR HILL -- Recounts in two Gwinnett cities didn't change the outcomes of close elections Tuesday.

In both Sugar Hill and Snellville, one vote was dropped from the total.

"I thought we owed it to all the people who supported the campaign," Shohn Tanner said of asking for a recount of his 12-vote loss in Sugar Hill. "I think it was a worthwhile process for the peace of mind it brings. ... We're still disappointed in the election, but it was a close race and I learned a lot from it."

Curtis Northrop, whose win was validated with the recount, although the vote totals changed to 649-637, said he didn't mind counting again.

"I think it was a good thing to do," he said, adding that he hopes to be able to fulfill his campaign promises during his four-year term. "I'm thrilled to be able to represent the people of Sugar Hill."

In Snellville, the original vote tally of 946 to 940 was returned in a recount of the council race between incumbent Barbara Bender and Niria Baggett.

A provisional ballot had increased Bender's lead to seven votes when the original count was certified Thursday, but a vote was dropped during the recount.

With other questions about spoiled ballots, Baggett said she asked for documents about the election.

"I'm not saying anything was done wrong," she said. "I would like to look at all of it and feel secure."

Baggett said she feels like she owes the review to her supporters.

Bender did not return a phone call Friday evening.