All dressed up
Duluth holds Halloween event

DULUTH - Rain forced Duluth's Halloween celebration indoors Saturday, but the pint-sized ghosts, goblins and superheroes didn't seem to mind much.

There were superheroes, Falcons cheerleaders, 1980s divas and boogiemen.

The festivities were originally scheduled for the green at the Duluth Festival Center, but were moved to Bunten Road Park's activity center.

Kids - and a few adults - of all ages paraded their costumes, had their faces painted, did the limbo and hunted for "monster" eggs.

Karina Teran, of Norcross, took her two children, 4-month-old Liandro (a lion) and Carlito, 3, sporting his Wolverine outfit.

"It's Halloween, so they may as well be in their costumes all day," she said. "It only comes once (a year)."

Rebecca Sniegowski and her husband recently moved to Duluth from Mississippi. The native Wisconsin accent still highly detectable, she shouted instructions from the sideline to her daughter, Katarina, 2.

"Pick up the eggs," Sniegowski said. "Put them in your basket or hers."

Looking for something safe to do for Halloween, Sniegowski learned about the celebration from the city's Web site.

Seven-year-old Jade Munoz, of Duluth, spent Friday carving pumpkins with her grandmother. Saturday, dressed as a butterfly, she floated by Bunten Road Park with her parents and 2-year-old brother, Noah, before an evening of trick-or-treating.

"We're just trying to do something for the kids and it's nice the city does something like this," said Jade's father, Javier.