Gwinnett shines with your help

We need you!

This month's meeting of the Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful Citizen's Advisory Board Meeting was one of our best ever.

More than 30 board members discussed the role of GCB - what we do and why our role is more important in the community than ever before.

We are moving forward and are focused on our core programs to reduce litter and graffiti, increase recycling and enhance the beauty of our community.

There are many exciting things happening at Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful:

· We have moved our offices to the Recycling Bank on Satellite Boulevard, making us more accessible to residents.

· We are operating the Recycling Bank and accepting more than 30 different types of recyclables. These recyclables are coming in from some waste haulers, commercial moving companies, Hispanic grocery stores, small businesses and many residents. The response from the community has been tremendous.

· We continue to assist the same amount of residents through calls and e-mails that we did in 2007.

· We have more volunteers engaged to assist in our efforts to prevent litter. A great example is the Adopt-A-Road program. This program has grown by 30 percent since January and more and more groups are signing up each week.

As we celebrate such success in these challenging times, we also want to get this message out to residents of Gwinnett: Your help is needed now more than ever before.

As a resident who cares about Gwinnett County, we need your time and talents. Find out how you can help with these issues by visiting our Web site at www.gwinnettcb.org or call us at 770-822-5187.

With your help we can ensure that a better tomorrow begins today!

Connie Wiggins is executive director of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful.