3 US troops killed in Afghan suicide blast

PUL-E-SAYAD, Afghanistan - Shortly before he rammed his vehicle into an American military convoy, the young bearded suicide bomber waved at Sayed Najibullah to move away. As Najibullah sped off, a huge explosion ripped through a U.S. armored vehicle, killing three American troops and three Afghan civilians.

But Najibullah lived to tell the story.

Tuesday's attack in the northern Kapisa province, which is a stronghold of insurgents loyal to the Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar north of Kabul, follows warnings from American military officials that more suicide attacks and roadside bombings can be expected as thousands of new U.S. troops join the fight this year.

Cuba sounds energy alarm, plans blackouts

HAVANA - Cubans are in for an especially hot summer under an energy saving plan that could shut off air conditioners at work and require Saturday-morning blackouts at home, according to an unpublished government directive obtained by The Associated Press.

The plan, signed by new Economics Minister Marino Murillo and circulating Tuesday among government offices and state companies, also calls for large-scale vacations for government workers but doesn't say if they will be paid. The measures are necessary, it says, to conserve petroleum used to generate electricity during the Caribbean nation's sweltering summer months.

Residential electrical use can often triple in the summer because of fans and air conditioners.

Brazil detains suspected terrorist

SAO PAULO - A suspected al-Qaida member has been taken into custody by Brazilian authorities in a case shrouded in secrecy, police said Tuesday.

A federal police spokeswoman declined to identify the man or provide his nationality because the case falls under secrecy laws that let authorities withhold information while they investigate. She spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with department policy.

The man is being held under tight security in Sao Paulo, and the spokeswoman confirmed a report in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper that he is suspected of being a key player in al-Qaida's international communications.