Suwanee planning community garden

SUWANEE - City officials in Suwanee have decided to green light a 7-acre community garden project, which will be located between Buford Highway and White Street. The phased project is expected to cost about $225,000, with an initial $42,700 being used for design and construction management.

When complete, the garden will include walking trails, opportunities for ecological education and eco-smart gardening technologies. Team Agro-Engineers, the firm that Suwanee has contracted with for professional design and construction management services for the garden, includes Daron "Farmer D" Joffe. He has been described as the "Ty Pennington of organic gardening" by media experts.

"Team Agro-Engineers and 'Farmer D' are passionate about organic and community gardening, sustainability and our park site," said Jessica Roth, assistant to the city manager. "We feel confident that they're the right team to help us get the community excited about this project and to help us figure out a way to take community gardening to the next level."

A public meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. June 10 in City Hall to gather community input about the city garden. Area residents interested in participating in the organic garden project are encouraged to attend the public meeting, as public interest and input will help determine how many and what type of plots are created, as well as additional park elements.

At least two more public meetings are scheduled for later this summer. The community garden is expected to be ready for planting in spring 2010.

Zoning ordinance change approved

Suwanee's Planned Mixed-Use Development zoning regulations were changed Tuesday evening, with council members voting unanimously to decrease the minimum lot size for such developments from 5 acres to 2 acres.

According to Suwanee planning and community development director Josh Campbell, the change will accommodate mixed-use developments that will be located in areas of redevelopment within the city, where smaller areas of land are likely to be found.

Suwanee Day design deadline approaching

The deadline for contestants to submit their ideas for this year's Suwanee Day logo is Monday. The chosen logo will appear on Suwanee Day T-shirts and promotional materials, and the contest winner will receive $500. Visit www.suwaneeday.com for more information and contest guidelines.

Suwanee Day is scheduled for Sept. 19 in Town Center Park.