Allison deserves to be rewarded for his loyalty

Mike Allison being passed over as the athletic director at South Gwinnett High School ("Allison should be South's AD," May 21, Page 1B) is not unusual in the world today. In years past "loyalty" was rewarded and people were supported in their positions during the good and bad times. It does not happen much today.

Look at our professional athletes. Players who are outstanding people, tremendous in the community, and great athletes whose careers are almost over jump ship for whatever their justified reason. No loyalty from them.

Mike Allison has remained a loyal Comet for a long time. He should have been rewarded for his loyalty and investment in the lives of the young people in the South Gwinnett community. Sounds like the standard administrative response, "we have decided to go in a different direction." Kind of lame.

I'm sure it's difficult to be an administrator, but sometimes a class of "common sense" needs to be added to the leadership degree program. Mike is a good guy, a super coach and a dedicated leader.

Thanks for all he has done, for South Gwinnett High, Gwinnett County Public Schools and the Snellville community.

Wrong decision about the right man.