Disc Spotlight: American
Experience: We Shall Remain

American Experience: We Shall Remain (NR)

Movie: Four stars

Disc: Four stars

Using Ken Burns' blueprint of still photography, sound effects, stock footage and voice-over characterization as their springboard, the directors of the five episodes contained in "We Shall Remain" make this documentary one that even documentary-haters will love. Filmed mostly in Georgia, the dramatic, live-action re-creations of key moments in Native American history woven throughout the production are potent, to the point and devoid of forced sentimentality. This should be required viewing for every child and anyone who incorrectly believes America began with the European arrival in 1620.

Technical specifications: aspect ratio: Widescreen Anamorphic (16x9), audio: English (Dolby 5.1 Digital, 2.0 Stereo), subtitles: none.

Special features:

· "Native Now" films featurette

· 30-minute series preview film

· Behind-the-scenes footage

· Four "ReelNative" films

· Material for educators and librarians

(PBS Home Video, $49.99)