No proof yet North Korea has plutonium

SEOUL, South Korea - U.S. and South Korean authorities have found no concrete evidence yet that North Korea is reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods to harvest weapons-grade plutonium, a news report said Wednesday.

North Korea said last month it had begun the reprocessing work at its once-mothballed Yongbyon nuclear complex - one of a series of steps the communist nation has taken in protest over international criticism of its April 5 rocket launch.

Pyongyang has also quit international nuclear talks, kicked out all international nuclear monitors and threatened to conduct its second nuclear atomic blast and a long-range missile test.

China detains exiled dissident

BEIJING - An exiled leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests has been secretly detained in south China for more than six months after trying to return to his homeland for the first time since 2002, his family said Wednesday.

Nearly two decades since China's pro-democracy campaign blossomed briefly in the spring of 1989, the movement and its suppression are still taboo and restrictions on those who took part remain harsh.

Insurgent leader still in custody, minister says

BAGHDAD - Iraq's defense minister on Wednesday insisted that the head of the country's main al-Qaida front group was in custody, despite an online statement by the leader that he was still free.

Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi told lawmakers that the man captured on April 23, and later shown in a photograph displayed by the authorities, was Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the al-Qaida dominated Islamic State of Iraq.

On Tuesday, however, militant Web sites carried an audio message purportedly from al-Baghdadi mocking the Iraqi government and denying he had been taken captive.

50 die in attack on hospital

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Artillery shells tore through a hospital packed with wounded civilians in Sri Lanka's war zone for a second day Wednesday, killing at least 50 people, setting an ambulance ablaze and forcing the medical staff to huddle in bunkers for safety, doctors said.

Health workers at the makeshift medical facility said they were so overwhelmed they could do little but give gauze and bandages to the 1,000 patients.