Thanks to Gwinnett for hospital support

The month of May brings with it Gwinnett Medical Center's favorite rite of spring - Hospital Week. It's the one week of the year, celebrated nationally since 1921, when hospitals recognize, appreciate and celebrate the many important contributions made by the healthcare industry across the nation.

The Gwinnett Medical Center Hospital Week tradition has been to mark this special week by recognizing our tremendous team of associates, physicians and volunteers. We thank our staff throughout this week for all the ways they meet a higher standard during the year to care for our patients and include festive theme days as well as plenty of delicious food.

Our community, associates, physicians and volunteers all support our efforts to make dramatic differences in people's lives every day. They are the ones you turn to when you're hurting and afraid. Because you know they truly understand, deliver a higher standard of care and put patients first.

Our medical professionals are the heart of our organization, and every courtesy and kindness they show is what sets Gwinnett Medical Center apart.

Gwinnett Medical Center has spent a great deal of time on expansion, construction, infrastructure, technology, services and programs, but without our associates, physicians and volunteers, all that work would be in vain.

On behalf of the GMC board, we thank each associate, physician and volunteer for their many valuable contributions to the success of our organization.

But Gwinnett Medical Center's celebration would not be complete without another important acknowledgment: Our thanks to you.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you Gwinnett. Thank you for Gwinnett Medical Center's 25 years of success in our terrific community. Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring open heart to Gwinnett. Thank you for your continued philanthropic commitment to the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation.

Thank you for using our hospital and trusting the caring hands and hearts of our medical professionals. We truly could not have done it without you.

Phil Wolfe is president and CEO of Gwinnett Medical Center.