Senior Golden Games to close on Wednesday

LAWRENCEVILLE - Following competitions in darts, a basketball toss and horseshoes on Monday and Tuesday, the 2009 Gwinnett Senior Golden Games will hold closing ceremonies Wednesday.

This year, 365 competitors, all age 50 and older, participated in 26 events, including archery, badminton, cycling, walking, table tennis, swimming, and discus.

Buford husband and wife duo Bob and Eileen Giselback started the Gwinnett Senior Golden Games 10 years ago. The month-long program of events is run by volunteers and has grown to include so many participants that ceremonies had to be moved from the Bethesda Park senior center to Rhodes Jordan Park in Lawrenceville. Closing ceremonies for the Golden Games will be held at

10 a.m. Wednesday.

"It's a wonderful experience for people just to get out, meet other people, have some fun (and) test their skills and their abilities," Eileen Giselback said, adding, "They do not have to be athletic."

Giselback competed in 11 events this year, winning seven gold medals, a silver and a bronze.

The oldest participant in this year's Golden Games, a Bridge player, is 92.

"We've had a wonderful time," Giselback said. "We had a delicious opening meal and we're going to have a delicious closing meal.

"We're looking for a bigger and better year next year," she added.