Community connection: Jim Nash

When it comes to planning commissioners, Jim Nash is a little different. For starters, he's the youngest commissioner on the nine member board and the only one who's single. Secondly, he's also the only member who wasn't appointed by a commissioner, and that's because he's the sole appointee of the chairman. When he's not working on projects related to the family business or being a planning commissioner, Nash loves kicking back on a family farm outside of Athens or taking his Harley Davidson motorcycle for a ride. A lifelong Gwinnettian, he's a graduate of Berkmar High School and Truett McConnell College.

On becoming a public servant: The chairman just called me up and said he'd like for me to be on the planning commission. He used to work for us, so how could I say no?

On working in the family business: The name of the company is Metropolitan Land Development, and it was started by my grandfather, who is now retired but still comes by to have lunch with us sometimes. He just can't get away from it because I think he misses it. But it's nice working with my family and my twin brothers because I get to see them most of the time. But sometimes my mom has to put her foot down at dinner and tell us to stop talking about work.

On golfing: I love playing golf, but I don't keep score. I never keep score.

On riding a motorcycle: I love taking three- to four-day bike trips on my Harley. The farthest I've ever gone is about 1,700 miles. On this last trip I rode down to Daytona Beach and that was a lot of fun. A good day trip around here is a trip to Helen and back.

On good Southern cooking: Nothing beats my grandfather's fried chicken. He's a great cook. Sometimes he still cooks for us when he comes in around lunch time.

On a good Gwinnett spot: In Duluth there is Kurt's and Vreny's Restaurant Biergarten. It's nice to sit outside when the weather is nice, and it's been there awhile.