Letters: Obama's stance on torture puts us in jeopardy

President Barack Obama thinks waterboarding is torture and hence illegal. He also thinks other means could have produced the same results. What other "means" was he referring to - milk and cookies? When time is of the essence as it was following 9/11 against a determined foe "woulda, shoulda, coulda" just doesn't cut it.

He also has flip-flopped and decided that Bush Administration officials and lawyers might be investigated and tried for having decided that waterboarding was legal and hence permissible. Never mind that high-level Congressional Democrats starting in 2002 were regularly briefed on such interrogation techniques without voicing any complaints. Also, in 2006, the Congress refused to pass a proposal that would have made such actions declared to be torture. All of this has caused Nancy Polosi to have a memory loss of bibical proportions.

How Democrats can now say these techniques are now illegal with no legislative action during the interim would make the dumbest lawyer shake his head.

Then we have the selective release of the waterboarding memos detailing how our enhanced interrogation techniques are implemented without releasing how valuable the results were. Our enemies can now better resist even the most gentle questioning without fear of a hostile result and our allies will hesitate to share their intelligence with a blabber-mouth USA.

The morale and efficiency of our intelligence services will also be severely harmed. Note that several thousand of our elite military members have been waterboarded as a training measure with no resultant lasting physical or emotional harm.

These lapses serve to crucify national security on a cross of political correctness to the detriment of all the free world.