Girl Scouts donate cookie profits to SPCA

SUWANEE - The little girls squealed in delight at the kittens at the Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Suwanee Monday.

Dropping off a check for a $100 donation from their cookie profits, more than a dozen Brownies could barely contain their excitement at the chance to pet or hold one of the strays.

"I like animals. I think they are cute," 6-year-old Jordan Everett said after placing a black kitten back in its cage.

The girls in Troop 1253 chose to donate the money to the shelter to get their Cookies 4 a Change badge, voting for the shelter over adopting an animal at the zoo or the aquarium.

The choice surprised Jordan's mom Angie Everett, who thought the girls would pick the zoo.

But she said many have pets at home. "I think they connected with this more," she said of the no-kill adoption shelter.

While many of the girls and their siblings held their noses or their ears as they shuttled through the shelter's dog room, Claire Ferry, 7, enjoyed the cat room.

"I wanted to go to the animal shelter," she said of why she voted for that choice. "This is the first time I've been."

Claire doesn't have any pets at home, she explained. "My mom won't let me - allergies," she explained before turning back to the four-legged felines.

The money, which was about 10 percent of the troop's profit from selling 1,200 boxes of cookies this year, will go to food, rent and other expenses at the shelter, a staffer said.