Johnson sponsors tax simplification bill

John Linder has built a name for himself in Gwinnett based on his political battle to make taxes more fair.

But now he isn't the only local congressman working on the idea, albeit in a different way.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, whose 4th district includes a part of Gwinnett, introduced the Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Fairness and Simplification Act.

The bill would help people who work in different states throughout the year from being taxed by multiple state and local governments.

Johnson said the concept of filing income tax forms for doing work in states other than where a person resides or where their employer is headquartered hurts small businesses and individuals.

"This not only simplifies the system, but makes it fair for people who work in multiple jurisdictions," the Democrat said.

The congressman forged a compromise on the issue between the Federation of Tax Administrators and the Council on State Taxation. The bill sets a 30-day threshold for people to earn income in another jurisdiction, and it does not apply to professional athletes.

Also last week, the Atlanta man accepted the Wayne Shackelford Excellence in Public Service Award from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

Named after a Snellville man who was Gwinnett's county administrator before becoming the state transportation commissioner, the award recognizes a former county officials serving in state or national office.

"This is a truly singular honor from my colleagues and friends in the ACCG, and I humbly thank you," Johnson said to ACCG members during a meeting in Savannah. "As county commissioners, I know you are always on the front lines, and the federal government should be a partner in helping you do your jobs effectively and efficiently."

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