Rock band Shinedown to perform in Atlanta

Brent Smith was 10 years old and into '80s hair metal music when his father gave him one of Otis Redding's tapes.

"I put it on and my whole world changed," the Knoxville, Tenn., native said. "When I heard him sing, and I heard his voice, it opened up this other world for me and I've never looked back since."

Years later, as a performer himself, Smith was playing festivals with bands he had admired since he was a kid. Watching the frontman of one band, Smith noticed he didn't interact with the audience.

"All these people that have made you all of this money ... and you don't give them any acknowledgment," Smith said. "I just never wanted to be like that."

Today, as frontman of the Florida rock band Shinedown, Smith said the band has only one boss, and that boss happens to be everyone in the audience.

"You've worked your butt of to get the money to pay for the ticket (to our show)," Smith said. "We're going to give you every single ounce of what we have."

Fans can see just what Smith means at The Tabernacle in Atlanta on Tuesday, a stop on the band's tour promoting its latest album, "The Sound of Madness," which features the crossover hit "Second Chance."

"The reality of it is, when you come and see a Shinedown show, it's an event," Smith said. "It's intense. You should feel like after you're done seeing Shinedown that you can literally do anything in the world that you put your mind to.

"Go do it," Smith continued. "Be as successful as you can be."

SideBar: If you go

· What: Performance by Shinedown

· When: 7:45 p.m. Tuesday

· Where: The Tabernacle, 152 Luckie St. N.W., Atlanta

· For more information: Call 404-659-9022