Letters: Carter's legacy twisted to knock Obama policy

I lived during President Jimmy Carter's administration and must correct Deryl Duncan's misinformation about Carter's service to America ("Time for America to stop apologies," April 29, Page 6A.)

Carter was a very effective president, keeping the peace under difficult situations, even negotiating peace between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The only terrorist action, the taking of the Iran embassy, cost him re-election.

Even after losing the election, he continued negotiating and managed to get Iran to agree to release the hostages.

He and America were respected around the world. We had a president that people could trust. He inherited a bad economy that was slowly improving under his policies. He planned for the future, passing legislation to help us lower pollution levels. Then Ronald Reagan, misled by the Republican strategists, drastically cut taxes on the rich. His administration reversed many of the environmental regulations and he appointed anti-regulation people to run the EPA.

The Republican history rewriters would have you believe differently. Now, Deryl Duncan wants to criticize President Barack Obama for being a diplomat. Bush proved that threats and military action make us less safe. Only through diplomacy with country leaders can we achieve significant headway in stopping extremists, and you can't do it by calling them the Axis of Evil.