Art Beat: Crane Classical presents student concert

Adam Crane is passing along his love for music to his young violin and viola students, many of whom are performing in a special concert at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Red Clay Theatre and Arts Center in Duluth. The concert is free.

"Last year, our concert at the Gwinnett Historic Court House was filled to standing-room-only capacity for the Sunday Serenade of the Crane Classical Music Society," Crane said. "This year, performances will be given by students who represent a vast spectrum of our community, all ages and levels. Students range from elementary, middle and high school, to college, and adult ensembles. The students really love to play, and many are simply amazing!"

Another amazing event is the formation of the Crane Classical Music Foundation Inc. Key Flexon-Crane has been working to "take the dreams and successes of Adam's work to a higher and more far-reaching level." The nonprofit organization will be able to expand the scope of the Society and its students.

"Through the formation of the not-for-profit foundation, the avenues for community partnerships and development will be greatly facilitated," Crane said. "Grants and arts-based event fundraising can happen. In these challenging days, creativity and belief in the 'harmony of music' serves as a catalyst to elevate everyone's ability to be positive, cooperative and peaceful here in our community."

The ultimate goal of the foundation is to create a music conservatory.

"I want the people of this community to experience and learn music the way I did," said Crane, who was trained in an "old school" conservatory.

He was awarded a scholarship to the Mannes College of Music's New York City preparatory division, and he continued there to earn his degree. "I believe this type of conservatory training best prepares a musician for the challenges of a varied and successful career in the arts."

His vision includes a time in the near future when this conservatory will house a professional training music conservatory, and also include programs and divisions for community music projects. Amateurs, seniors, at-risk communities, physically challenged individuals, and public, private and home-schooled students and their families will

have opportunities

to participate.

However, Crane Classical Music Society has already made an impact on the community through past projects such as Young Artist Instrument Awards, in-school orchestra mentorships, benefit concerts, and chamber music camps and recitals.

As for the many students already under Crane's tutelage, Saturday's recital gives them an opportunity to shine. On the program will be the music of great composers such as J.S. Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Paganini, Vivaldi, Handel, Haydn, Beethoven and more.

The Red Clay Theatre is located in Historic Downtown Duluth at 3116 Main St. For more information about the Crane Classical Music Society, visit the web site at www.adamcraneclassical.com.

Holley Calmes is a freelance writer and public relations consultant specializing in the arts. E-mail hcalmes@mindspring.com.