Spotlight on DVD: Andy Richter Controls the Universe Complete Series

"Andy Richter Controls the Universe Complete Series"(NR)

Show: 4 stars

Discs: 3 stars

As is all too often the case, smart TV series fail to catch fire with the masses, such as this Emmy-nominated one starring Conan O'Brien's once (and future) sidekick. Striking a nice balance between HBO's "Dream On" and "The Office," Richter played a cubicle drone prone to daydreaming and thinking aloud. Buoyed by a crack supporting cast, the Fox show would have probably fared better (and lasted longer) on premium cable. Established fans will be pleased to know that the five unaired episodes are included here, which goes far in off-setting the so-so extras.

Technical specifications: aspect ratio: Wide screen (16:9), audio: English (Stereo), subtitles: none.

Special features include:

· Commentary by Richter and creator Victor Fresco on select episodes.

· Two behind-the-scenes featurettes.

(CBS/Paramount, $39.98)