Madonna trying to adopt child from Malawi

BLANTYRE, Malawi - Madonna is planning to adopt a second child from Malawi, officials said Thursday, but questions have been raised over whether the newly divorced pop star will face obstacles because of her single mom status.

An official at the Malawi welfare department said Madonna, who is 50 and a mother of three, had filed adoption papers in the southern African country. Another person in Malawi close to the case said Madonna would be there this weekend and a court could hear her adoption case as soon as Monday.

A U.S. government official confirmed that an adoption bid by Madonna, an American, was under way.

Bob Barker returns to 'The Price is Right'

LOS ANGELES - Bob Barker returned to 'The Price Is Right' - and this time he was the showcase.

After nearly two years in retirement, the 85-year-old former game show host was invited to come on down to 'The Price Is Right' to promote his upcoming memoir, 'Priceless Memories,' due out April 6.

Barker on Wednesday stood on the set where he had worked for 35 years. As he walked the halls of the studio, old co-workers greeted Barker with broad smiles, seemingly as happy to have him back as he was to be there.

R&B singer Wayna arrested in Houston

HOUSTON - Grammy-nominated singer Wayna was arrested at a Houston airport after trying to get on a plane with a collapsible police baton that she uses while performing.

Wayna, whose real name is Woyneab Miraf Wondwossen, was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon Wednesday.

Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said Thursday that security guards at the checkpoint at Bush International Airport discovered the 24-inch baton in her carry-on bag.