Fifth-grader brings BB gun to school

DACULA - Alcova Elementary School is taking disciplinary action against a fifth-grader who brought a nonfunctioning BB gun to campus Monday, school officials said.

Although the child reportedly threatened other students, no one was in physical danger, according to a letter Principal Carolyn Ford sent to parents Tuesday.

"The plastic gun was broken, cracked and nonfunctioning. There were no pellets or BBs found," the letter states. "This is a very serious offense, and I want to assure you that the student is receiving appropriate consequences."

Details of the disciplinary action cannot be disclosed, said Sloan Roach, spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Public Schools.

"Typically, in cases like these, students do go to a disciplinary panel," she said.

The student also faces a charge of possession of a weapon in a school safety zone, Roach said.

It is unknown why the student brought the weapon to school, Roach said.

In her letter, Ford encouraged parents to reassure their children that the situation was resolved and students may come to school safely. Parents should tell their children to notify an adult immediately if they see a weapon or hear a threat, she wrote. Also, she asked parents to remind students it is never appropriate to bring a weapon to school.

"As a school, we take our students' safety very seriously and will take disciplinary action if a person could reasonably perceive an object to be a weapon, even if it is a toy or not operational," the letter states.