Evermore board's recall vote is today
Nonbinding ballot may decide fates of Robinson, Shiver

SNELLVILLE - The recall election of board members Dean Robinson and Ken Shiver of the Evermore Community Improvement District takes place this afternoon.

But the results could mean political theater at its finest if the members are ousted and try to participate in a meeting immediately following the election of property owners along the U.S. Highway 78 business district.

No matter the results, the legal fight concerning the two board seats is expected to be far from over.

"It is not an officially board-sanctioned election," board chairman Gary Custar said. "This is something that the four board members seeking this recall election are doing on their own outside the realm of the board. If the recall vote is successful, then because of that I'll probably rule that it's an invalid or improper election."

If that happens, they'll head to Superior Court, said member Dwight Harrison, who's led the effort for the recall vote along with three other board members. He also said everything regarding the recall vote has been done by the book.

"We've followed everything to the letter of the law that should have been done and we've done so with legal counsel," Harrison said. "But it's my understanding that they will probably not recognize the outcome if we're successful."

The 400-plus property owners of Evermore will vote on whether to recall both Robinson and Shiver, not just one or the other. Harrison said eligible voters can vote by visiting Snellville City Hall and its community room between 1 and 1:30 p.m. Proxies, which represent a one-time vote at the election, are not allowed, Harrison said.

But he did say property owners can have electors present for them, as long as the property owner understands that the elector can vote in all CID-related business and not just in the recall election. Lawyers from all sides will be present along with a representative from the county's legal department, Harrison said.

The quest for a recall election started after the November firing of the CID's economic development manager, David Stedman, by the CID's Executive Director, Brett Harrell. Harrison and the board members seeking the recall said Harrell didn't have the authority to fire Stedman without their consent. Harrison and his faction have said they'd like to see Stedman hired back and Harrell fired if the recall vote is successful and the make-up of the board changes.

Stedman said he feels good about the recall vote and said all rules and laws regarding the election have been adhered to.

"The people in favor of the recall have been able to get some momentum going and it's our feeling that the recall will be successful," he said. "And this is something that is impossible to ignore."