Letters: Old administrations should stop the 'advice' after they are gone

It remains an enigma to me that whenever a new administration comes to power, the old regime doesn't hesitate to put down and scoff at every new idea the new boys come up with. The deposed administration could not make things work right during its time in the driver's seat, but all of a sudden, now that they're the also-rans, they have all the answers and are more visible on the political scene than they were when they ran the show.

You seldom see one of them on the tube when he or she doesn't have this know-it-all smirk on his or her face and making predictions of imminent failure for every plan the new administration is trying to implement.

Before anyone gets the idea that this just another "liberal" rant against those paragons of virtue, the ultra-right wing of the Republican party, be advised that this smug behavior applies to both parties when they are on the losing end of an election.

At least give the newly anointed leader of the free world half a chance to get his act together before the vultures of demoralization start hovering over his head like a cloud of gnats at a picnic.

All this coming-together talk during the campaign is beginning to take on the aroma of a backed-up septic tank. Neither side can afford playing Lone Ranger with the issues that confront us. Like it or not, we need each other and the need is great. Divided, we are dead ducks.

- George Morin