Alphabet wedding: Kindergartners join letter pairs in morning celebration

LAWRENCEVILLE - Like other married couples, they will have quarrels, the wedding official said.

"But even so, they must stick together like quicksand to solve any quandaries," Freeman's Mill Elementary teacher Mark Collins said as he married the letters Q and U.

The combination "qu" wasn't the only pair that joined together Thursday morning in matrimony. The R blends, the L blends and the H diagraphs also got married.

"We've been working with blends and diagraphs in class," kindergarten teacher Laura Baynard said. "This way it will become concrete for them. It will make it real for them, and it's fun."

Baynard said the kindergarten teachers focus on phonics in their classrooms.

"With the children, they'll come in not reading ... and now some are on a first- or second-grade reading level," she said. "The wedding was just the cherry on top."

Holding letters pasted on half of a laminated paper heart, kindergartners taught by Baynard and teacher Rayleen Upchurch participated in the ceremony that matched up the letter R with the letters C, F, P, D, T and G and the letter H with the C, T, S, W and P.

"C, F, P, D, T and G, do you take R to be your lawfully wedded partner, to have and to hold, through spelling and reading, in crying times, frowning times, prancing times, drying times, trying times, growing times and in health forever and ever?" Collins asked during the R blends wedding.

"I do," the kindergartners recited.

Marcy Camp, 5, was half of one of the "qu" pairs.

"It was great, and it was fun," she said of the wedding.