US military shoots down Iranian drone

BAGHDAD - U.S. jets shot down an Iranian unmanned surveillance aircraft last month over Iraqi territory about 60 miles northeast of Baghdad, the U.S. military said Monday.

A U.S. statement said the Ababil 3 was tracked for about 70 minutes before U.S. jets shot it down 'well-inside Iraqi airspace' and that the aircraft's presence over Iraq 'was not an accident.'

The Ababil is believed to have a maximum range of about 90 miles and can fly up to 14,000 feet. It is primarily designed for surveillance and intelligence-gathering.

Khatami pulls out of Iranian president race

TEHRAN, Iran - Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami said Monday he has pulled out of the race against the country's hard-line president to avoid splitting the pro-reform vote.

Khatami's entry into the race against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a month ago boosted the hopes of some reformists, who favor improving ties with the West and liberalizing Iran's conservative Islamic government.

Sudan: Aid groups must go

KHARTOUM, Sudan - Sudan's president said Monday he wants all international aid groups out of the country within a year, insisting they can drop off supplies 'at airports or seaports' and let Sudanese organizations take care of it.

Government officials later tried to downplay the president's comments, calling his directive a 'process' and stressing that U.N. agencies operating in Sudan would not be affected.

President Omar al-Bashir has already expelled 13 large foreign aid agencies, most of them operating in Darfur, accusing them of spying for an international court that issued an arrest warrant against him on March 4 for war crimes.

Obama wants new truck deal with Mexico

WASHINGTON - The White House said Monday it wants to work with lawmakers to restore a program that allows a cross-border trucking program with Mexico.

Mexico on Monday put in place tariffs on 90 U.S. products after Washington canceled a program that allowed some trucks from Mexico to operate in the U.S.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the administration wants to restore that program.