Snellville man charged in undercover heroin bust

WINDER - A Snellville man was snared in an undercover heroin bust Friday that's among the biggest finds in Barrow County's recent history, officials said.

Evan Newby, 27, allegedly sold the illegal narcotic and prescription drugs to an undercover deputy just before midnight in an empty parking lot near Bethlehem.

Newby, who drove alone in a Ford Explorer to the scene, had more than eight grams of heroin - worth more than $3,000 on the street - as well as hydrocodone and morphine in his possession, officials said.

Newby is charged with trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, possession of morphine with intent to distribute, sale of hydrocodone, and two counts of sale of heroin.

"This is one of the largest heroin cases the Barrow County Sheriff's Office has seen in recent years," said the department's spokesman, Investigator Matt Guthas.

Newby is being held at the Barrow County Detention Center.

Heroin is illegal to possess or distribute, and only a licensed physician can prescribe morphine or hydrocodone, Guthas noted.

Hydrocodone is a prescription painkiller sold under brand names like Lortab.