More Good News From Schools: Barrow student wins district History Day competition

Barrow student wins district History Day competition

Zachary Janick, a student at Russell Middle School, was recently named the overall winner of the District I History Day Competition's Junior Division and first place winner in the Junior Individual Exhibit category for "Boger Boisjolly - Ring of Truth."

The competition was sponsored by the University of Georgia Office of Academic Special Programs.

Using the theme, "The Individual in History: Actions and Legacies," individual and group projects included papers, documentaries, Web sites, exhibits and performances. More than 130 sixth- through 12th-grade students and teachers representing 32 counties in Georgia participated in the annual competition.

Janick and Clarke Central High student Carmina Escalante, the District I's Senior Division overall winner, along with the participants who placed first, second and third in other categories, will advance to the State Contest for National History Day April 25 at Macon State College.

Other winners were as follows:

Collins Hill High (Senior Division)

* Alyssa Golemme - Second place, Documentary (Individual)

* Aniqa Alam, Jumana Bambot, Sonali Shah and Divya Desai - First place, Exhibit (Group)

* Brittany Partridge, O'Mayrah Rimpel, Trent Keatley, Kevin Lee and Aisha Ellis - Second place, Exhibit (Group)

* Katie Fosse - First place, Exhibit (Individual)

* Caroline Todd - Second place, Exhibit (Individual)

* Victoria Chambers - Third place, Exhibit (Individual)

* Katherine Krajec - Third place, Paper (Individual)

* Sierra Graves - Second place, Performance (Individual)

* Will Teich, Stephen Bevels, Brian Walsh, David Frederick and Jason Strickland - First place, Web site (Group)

* Christian King, Kyungmin Kim, Alexandria Smith and Christopher Willis - Second place, Web site (Group)

* Steven Mertins, Andrew Salerno, Sara Nagy and Christina Boyt - Third place, Web site (Group)

n Chantal Whaley - First place, Web site (Individual)

Norcross High (Senior Division)

* Sarah Moseley and Lisa Perlow - Third place, Documentary (Group)

* Joseph Beverly - First place, Documentary (Individual)

* Eric Lindberg and Kyle Hendrix - Third place, Exhibit (Group)

* Vanessa Street - Second place, Paper (Individual)

* Bailee Kitchens and Julie Tremblay - First place, Performance (Group)

* Danielle Tonguet - Third place, Performance (Individual)

Russell Middle School (Junior Division)

* Sanghee Kim, Connor Autry, Colt Cimmons and Matthew Carter - First place, Documentary (Group)

* Jack Bryant - First place, Documentary (Individual)

* Arissa Smith, Bella Basta, Sabrina Smith and Sarah Shiflet - First place, Exhibit (Group)

* Margaret Petree and Elizabeth Perry - Second place, Exhibit (Group)

* Matt Schramm, Tyler Shipp, Caleb Mathis and Jeng Lee - Third place, Exhibit (Group)

Exhibit Group - Junior

* Zachary Janick - First place, Exhibit (Individual)

* Alex Hentenaar - Second place, Exhibit (Individual)

* Samuel Perry - Third place, Exhibit (Individual)

* Kaylyn McAllister - First place, Paper (Individual)

* Asheley McMillan - Second place, Paper (Individual)

* Blake O'Leary and Erin Leigh Goss - Second place, Web site (Group)

Sweetwater Middle School

* Eden Hailemichael, Alyson Priest and Lizbeth Pena - First place, Web site (Group)

Heather Darenberg writes about education for the Gwinnett Daily Post. More Good News From Schools appears online Monday.