Man kills himself after SWAT negotiations fail

LAWRENCEVILLE - Forty-one-year old Keith Brown shot and killed himself early Saturday morning after a girlfriend notified police that he was threatening suicide.

That same girlfriend said Brown had a history of making such threats, and that the threat that proved fatal was because she'd recently called off an engagement with Brown and announced she was moving out.

According to Cpl. Illana Spellman of the Gwinnett County Police Department, SWAT negotiators arrived on the scene at 3066 Vicksburg Drive about 8:30 to try to talk Brown out of harming himself. After nearly two hours of negotiations and after firing a less-lethal "bean bag round to stun the boyfriend," Brown was able to shoot himself as police tried to move in and detain him. He was immediately transported to Gwinnett Medical Center where he later died, Spellman said. She also said the unidentified girlfriend along with her three, teenage children were unhurt in the incident and were never held hostage.

"I don't know why the man was troubled," Spellman said in an e-mail. "The supervisor on scene called SWAT negotiators because the man was armed and threatening himself."

Spellman said calling in the SWAT team is typical in situations where someone is armed and threatening to cause bodily harm to anyone.