Loganville cutting training funds for staff and officials

LOGANVILLE - In an effort to curtail city spending, Loganville councilman and finance chairman Mark Kiddoo announced Thursday that the city will no longer pay for discretionary training for its officials. Mandatory training costs will be reimbursed, but no meals, mileage or lodging expenses will be covered.

"We know we're in tough economic times. We need to lead by example," mayor Ray Nunley said of the cost-cutting measure.

This decision is the latest in a string of cost saving moves designed to tighten the city's belt. With recent cuts in state funding and a downturn of the housing market and overall economy, Loganville remains financially sound, according to Nunley's recent state-of-the-city address.

New fire truck to be equipped

Council members last month approved the purchase of a new fire truck for the city's newest fire station in Gwinnett County. Councilman Jerry Price asked his colleagues Thursday for approximately $145,000 more to equip the truck, all of which will come from SPLOST funding.

"When you buy these things, they come completely unequipped," Price said.

While the truck will be housed at the new fire station, it will be used throughout the city.

New park named

Council woman Eileen Waring announced Thursday that the new park on Tuck Road in Loganville will be named Destination Park and $250,000, which will come from 2004 SPLOST funds, has been earmarked for park construction.

Waring said that Destination Park will be a family friendly gathering place for Loganville residents and Nunley praised the efforts of city staff in bringing the project to this point. "It will be a real asset to the city," Nunley said.