Letters: Rush called out Bush many times

Once again, the conscience of Gwinnett County has blessed us with his condemnation of conservatism. This time, George Morin has decided to go after Rush Limbaugh ("Limbaugh's vile statements don't serve any purpose," March 7, Page 6A).

Of course like most liberals, Morin has decided to ignore the facts and attack Rush on emotion alone. He accused Rush of supporting that "boob" George W. Bush on everything during his eight years in office.

Well, here are the facts. Rush critized Bush heavily for his support of the "No child left behind" bill. He crucified him for not vetoing the McCain-Fiengold bill. He railed aginst his attempt to push through the infamous "Amnesty Bill." He always spoke out aginst Bush's excessive spending, especially the first TARP failure. And then there were the criticisms of his cabinet appointments and the nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court.

Where Limbaugh did support Bush was in two very critical areas: his across-the-board tax cuts that stimulated the economy and his support for the War in Iraq, which by the way we won, despite liberal opposition, and my guess is, this is the one that's got you in an uproar.

Here's my suggestion to you, Mr. Morin. Why don't you write a letter stating what you love about the Obama stimulus package?