Suwanee survey indicates satisfaction

SUWANEE - The results of a November survey of a representative sample of Suwanee residents are in, and the majority of feedback indicates a high degree of satisfaction in the city.

The National Citizen Survey is a joint effort between the National Research Center Inc. and the International City/County Management Association. The survey is used in about 500 communities throughout the country to measure residents' satisfaction with regard to quality of life, stewardship of public funds and services provided by their local government.

Thirty-two percent, or 351, of the 1,200 Suwanee residents polled completed and returned the questionnaire.

The survey asked respondents to rate community characteristics in eight areas: community quality, community design, public safety, environmental sustainability, recreation and wellness, community inclusiveness, civic engagement and public trust. There are national comparisons for 31 of the community characteristics measured. Suwanee was rated above the benchmark in 21 categories, similar in seven and below the benchmark in three.

"This survey will provide us with a good deal of applicable information, help us set priorities, and improve in areas of weakness," City Manager Marty Allen said. "If you never ask the questions about strengths and weaknesses, then you don't ever really know the answers."

The three areas the survey indicated Suwanee falls below the national benchmark are transportation-related: bus/transit services, ease of bus travel, and traffic flow on major streets. The three characteristics in which Suwanee rated highest are image/reputation of the city, cleanliness, and availability of paths and walking trails.

Overall, respondents rated the quality of life in Suwanee very favorably. For complete survey results, visit www.suwanee.com.