Limbaugh's vile statements don't serve any purpose

Where but in America can a radio pesonality go on the air and publically express the wish that a newly elected president and his cabinet will fail in their attempt to bring back the nation from the brink of economic collapse?

President Barack Obama, duly elected by the majority of American voters, is having scorn and disrespect heaped on him by a man who thinks with a poisoned tongue and a brain pickled in hate.

Rush Limbaugh is a self-proclaimed bellwether of the Republican Party whose main claim to fame is vitriolic rhetoric and mean-spirited demeaning of anyone not in lockstep with his ultra-conservative politics. The president has called upon members of both parties to join in hammering out a stimulus plan mutually agreed upon to solve or at least stem the rush to economic disaster. Limbaugh, a force only unto himself, in the mistaken belief that he has any creditability whatsoever, tries to convince us that the failure of the president's mission is the best outcome for the nation.

For eight years, this boob touted the Bush administration's every move, including the invasion of Iraq, and here he is, spewing his rancor over an administration not yet four months in power. It would be almost amusing if it weren't for the fact that even arrogant gas bags like Limbaugh attract followers.

To wish for the failure of one's government before it has a chance to demonstrate its capablity may be his right as an American citizen, but in my mind, his shame exceeds that right.