Laborer bust puts 4 in jail

NORCROSS - A Duluth businessman was jailed alongside three others when police busted a Singleton Road gas station packed with day-laborers soliciting work Tuesday morning, authorities said.

Huy Tran, 49, was looking for a few extra hands to help with work around his Fairway View Court home when police moved in and arrested him, along with three alleged day-laborers, according to a police report.

Police noted about 20 men in the parking lot of a Citgo station at 6075 Singleton Road, half of which were surrounding Tran's 2003 Ford F-350 when authorities arrived. The men scattered when a responding officer stepped out his vehicle, the report says.

"I grabbed two of the offenders as they began to run," the officer wrote. "The third was stopped by traffic."

Tran, who works in construction, is charged with aggressive solicitation for reportedly recruiting laborers without the property owner's permission. He was also held for authorities in Forest Park, where police issued a warrant for his arrest on charges regarding his business license, police said.

The other three suspects - Jose Perez-Sequaf, 17, Jesus Gutierrez-Jurad, 30, and Vicente Gomez-Perez, 33 - also face charges of aggressive solicitation. They remained in the Gwinnett County Jail late Wednesday on $135 bond.

All four were allegedly in violation of several local rules pertaining to solicitation.

A Gwinnett County ordinance prohibits soliciting in groups of two or more, without a property owner's permission or in any public parking lot. The ordinance also forbids solicitation within 20 feet of check-cashing businesses or ATM machines.

An officer noted that Tran's truck was parked about 15 feet from the entrance of a neighboring check-cashing business when police arrived.