7 arrested in brash, $9M bank robbery

DUBLIN - Police recovered millions in stolen cash and interrogated seven suspected robbers Saturday, a day after a gang took a bank employee's family hostage and forced him to rob his own branch.

Police said that shortly before midnight they raided a house in the inner north Dublin district of Phibsborough and stopped a car on a highway ringing Dublin. A third of the stolen money has been recovered.

Sgt. Alan Roughneen said five men and a woman were arrested in Phibsborough, and one man was arrested in the car. Authorities also seized six cars, checking to see if they were used to move hostages or money.

Iraq: Oil prices may drag budget lower

BAGHDAD - Iraq's parliament pushed back voting Saturday on this year's budget and could be forced to make further cuts because of falling oil prices.

The latest delay in trying to ratify the current $64 billion budget proposal highlights the financial squeeze facing Iraq as declining oil revenues cut into reconstruction plans such as new roads and improved utilities - which the Shiite-led government hopes to use as showcases in national elections later this year.

The pinch has also brought calls by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for proposals to diversify Iraq's oil-dependent economy with expansion of agriculture and other trade. But Iraq's plans for this year have been dragged down along with the price of oil, which is now less than $45 a barrel after hitting highs last summer of $150 a barrel.

Plane makes emergency landing; all safe

TIMISOARA, Romania - A Romanian plane carrying 51 people made a safe emergency landing in western Romania on Saturday and all the occupants escaped injury, officials said.

The Carpatair flight's front landing gear became stuck and the plane circled Timisoara International Airport for almost two hours, using up its fuel to avoid a potential fire before it landed on a 200-yard long bed of foam laid out by firefighters, officials said.

One of the pilots later said they were about six miles from the airport when they discovered they had a problem with the landing gear, and alerted the aviation authorities.