Local store owner starts own comic book series

LAWRENCEVILLE - There's a new masked superhero and sidekick on the local comic book scene.

The father-daughter duo of Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl is the creation of comic book store owner Kyle Puttkammer, a Norcross resident, and a creative team he has assembled that includes penciler Allen Belk of Duluth.

Issue No. 1 of the "Galaxy Man" comic book pits super-dad and astronomer Stanley Quest against paleontologist Dr. Ross Rex, who has reanimated the dinosaur skeletons in the museum of natural history to help him take over the city. With the help of Cosmic Girl, who Galaxy Man doesn't realize is his own daughter, Suzie, the superheroes might just be able to protect the children's hospital from becoming bony dinosaurs' dinner.

Puttkammer's interest in comic books started at the impressionable age of 10.

"I saw "Star Wars' and that was it," the 41-year-old said. "It's a timeless classic. The princess being saved and the lightsabers and blasters. All the geek stuff."

When the monthly releases of the "Star Wars" comic books didn't come often enough to suit him, the young Puttkammer began writing his own storylines. After relocating to Georgia at 21, he started selling comic books at a local flea market on weekends and eventually opened his own business, Galactic Quest, now with locations in Buford and Lawrenceville.

With comic book sales under his belt, Puttkammer decided to enter the realm of comic book creation.

"I always wanted to find my artistic voice, to find my creative calling," Puttkammer said.

Out of a contest to design Galactic Quest's store mascot held about five years ago, Galaxy Man was born.

"I realized that with the name Galaxy Man, OK, well he is an astronomer, his wife is lost in space," Puttkammer said. "From coming up with that name, everything just fell into place."

A preview edition of "Galaxy Man" saw a limited release about two years ago and the first official issue of "Galaxy Man" came out Feb. 23. Issue No. 2 was released mid-June at both Galactic Quest locations.

A third issue will be out later this year and Puttkammer and his team are already working on a second story arc for issues four and five.

"I'm really enjoying the art end of it," Puttkammer said. "The response to the comic has been really good.

"In my retailing experience, Galaxy Man is what's missing in the industry," Puttkammer continued. "Something for parents to read to their kids. There is some magic here in the relationship of this family."