Fans collected to donate to elderly

LAWRENCEVILLE - With temperatures nearing the triple digits, officials and volunteers are trying to keep the county's elderly population cool.

Gwinnett's senior services staffers are seeking donations from the public of fans for Project ACCES, Added Cooling Comfort for our Elderly Seniors.

Linda Bailey, senior services manager, said the elderly are often unable to recognize the danger they are in when their internal body thermometer fails to warn them of the heat.

So to help in an economic climate that is low and weather climate that is high, firefighters are collecting fans or window air conditioning units to be distributed to seniors in need.

Beginning Wednesday, tax-deductible donations can be dropped off at any of the county's 28 fire stations or the service's headquarters in Lawrenceville.

For more information on Project ACCES, please contact Melanie Miller at 770-822-8842 or e-mail melanie.miller@gwinnettcounty.com.