Pastor welcomes gun owners to church

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - A gun-toting Kentucky pastor said it's OK to pack heat at church - at least for one day.

Ken Pagano is asking his flock to bring their unloaded handguns - in holsters - to New Bethel Church in Louisville for an event Saturday evening celebrating the Second Amendment.

Pagano said he got the idea after some members at the Pentecostal church expressed concern about the Obama administration's views on gun control.

Gulls killed, maimed by cooking oil in river

CLEVELAND - Hundreds of gulls were killed or maimed in Cleveland after what investigators believe was cooking oil spewed from a sewer pipe into the Cuyahoga River.

Investigators said Friday that several hundred gallons of the substance killed or disabled hundreds of gulls near the Kingsbury Run tributary.

Most of them are just downstream from the site where environmentalists last week celebrated the river's comeback since floating oil and debris caught fire on June 22, 1969. The burning river became a standing joke and a symbol of urban decay and runaway pollution.

SC governor's mom praying for her son

BEAUFORT, S.C. - South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's mother tells The Associated Press she is praying for her son.

Speaking Saturday at her Beaufort home, 83-year-old Margaret Sanford expressed love and support for the governor who this week admitted having an affair with a woman in Argentina.

Madoff ordered toforfeit $171 billion

NEW YORK - Bernard Madoff would be stripped of all his possessions under a $171 billion forfeiture order handed down only days before prosecutors seek to put the disgraced financier away in prison for the rest of his life.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin entered the preliminary order Friday, ruling that Madoff must give up his interests in all property, including real estate, investments, cars and boats.

Obama pressures Senate on climate bill

WASHINGTON - Hailing the House, President Barack Obama put pressure on senators Saturday to follow its lead and pass legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions, helping usher the U.S. into a new age of energy efficiency.

'Now my call to every senator, as well as to every American, is this: We cannot be afraid of the future. And we must not be prisoners of the past,' the president said in his weekly radio and Internet address. 'Don't believe the misinformation out there that suggests there is somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth. It's just not true.'

The legislation, which the House narrowly approved Friday night, would place the first national limits on emissions of greenhouse gases from major sources - such as power plants, factories and oil refineries - to reduce the gases linked to global climate change. It would also start moving the U.S. away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner power sources, such as geothermal, wind, solar and more nuclear generators.

Former law student gets life in shooting

FRESNO, Calif. - A former criminal law student was sentenced to life in prison for killing one man and wounding two others in a dispute over a Sony PlayStation.

Jonquel Brooks was sentenced Friday. He asked for forgiveness from relatives of the man he shot.

Police said Brooks killed 19-year-old Brant Daniels and wounded his friends in May 2007.