Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters.

· Easy Virtue (PG-13) This comedic retooling of the originally somber Noel Coward play loses something in the translation but affords leading lady Jessica Biel the chance to prove she's more than just a pretty face. Co-stars Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas both shine. 2 stars

· Food, Inc. (PG) A throttling, but deliberately paced documentary about the U.S. food industry that is as horrific as it is informative. Anyone who sees it - and that should be anyone who eats - will never look at what they put into their body the same again. 4 stars

· The Proposal (PG-13) What starts out as a refreshing and unconventional romantic comedy concludes in most typical and dissatisfying chick-flick manner. The surly Sandra Bullock and the determined Ryan Reynolds make up for the weak story with palpable chemistry. 2 stars

· Year One (PG-13) The once legendary writer/director Harold Ramis nearly wipes out a career's worth of good will with what is easily the worst feature film of the 21st century. Jack Black and Michael Cera regurgitate their typical non-acting styles as surfer-dude cavemen. 0 stars

· The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (R) Resembling the original 1974 version in little more than name only, this high-strung, frantic remake starring John Travolta and Denzel Washington manages to eke out a few thrills before delivering one of the worst endings in memory. 2 stars