Letters: Don't lose focus of The Dear One

While the Iranian election results might be holding our attention at the moment, I would be more inclined to worry about what is developing in North Korea.

Kim Jong-Il, the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea who likes for his people to refer to him as "The Dear One" and is more accurately referred to by most of the word as "The Weird One," is really raising the specter of confrontation to new heights. His threats of launching missiles at anyone, particularly the United States, who stands in the way of North Korea's development of nuclear weapons are beginning to reach epic proportions. Kim may be a serious nut case in the eyes of most Western countries, but history has shown us what can happen when nut cases are in charge.

By all appearances, Kim, who has only recently returned from the hospital where he has been undergoing treatment, the nature of which has been described in vague terms, has the look of an ill and unstable man. Whatever his medical problems may be, he seems determined to demonstrate to the world that he is a major and dangerous player, not to be taken lightly. There is talk of which of his sons will take over once he leaves the scene - and more importantly how he leaves the scene. I seriously doubt that Kim plans on going gently into that good night. We can only hope he doesn't plan on going out in a blaze of nuclear glory.

By all means pay attention to what's happening in Iran, but we should never, never take our eyes off that sick-looking little man called "The Dear One." He may not just be whistling Dixie after all.