Letter: Media interested in Republican plan

Regarding Cal Thomas' column this week titled "ABC giving ethics a boot out the door," he should have just taken the week off.

It appears Mr. Thomas was as short on ideas for his column as the Republicans are short on ideas for health care reform. Thomas apparently forgot that we had an election last November and Barack Obama is now President Obama. A majority of us elected him to lead this nation in a new direction and health care was a major area of concern for most Americans.

The campaign ended on Nov. 4, 2008, which means the "Equal Time" rule no longer applies and the "Fairness Doctrine" which Thomas loathes, was abolished in 1987. For Cal Thomas to now whine about equal time for a Republican response to a town hall meeting with President Obama on health care is absurd and borders on the ridiculous.

The fact is there is no shortage of media interest for the Republicans' health care plan. The lack of media attention is because the Republicans have no plan.

- Allan Burns